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1979 BEECHCRAFT Skipper Reg # N6707M


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1979 BEECHCRAFT Skipper

Other, -10 Doors, Reg # N6707M, VIN:WA65 Stock: V03152020 0 Miles Automatic Transmission

Vehicle Description

One Person's comments recently received after seeing the ad in Trade A Plane on Mach 16, 2021. Those were his comments. This is in fact very true. dmv
Beautiful plane. Not buying but want to compliment your Skipper. I am a CFI with a client who recently purchased a Skipper so I can instruct his wife for Private certification. I enjoy flying the bird. Yours is much nicer. I am surprised how many pilots response upon first look at the Skipper say, "Oh, I've heard about those..." They are ignorantly assigning the Piper "Traumahawk" reputation to the Skipper. Not fair. Best of luck selling your very appealing machine. (No need to reply)

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